Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Switchblade Debate: Where Do You Stand?

There has been a lot of talk going around in the blog world about some states, led by the push in Tennessee, that are trying to lift their ban on switchblades, or automatic knives. Tennessee's Senate has overwhelmingly passed the bill, which was introduced with help from Knife Rights, and it is going through the House currently. Most people seem to be in favor of this bill. I have heard a few complaints about it making it easier for an attacker to quickly and easily attack an unsuspecting victim, but that brings me to my main point.

The problem I have with knife laws is more of a lack of consistency with them. If a switchblade is really too quick and easy to activate, making it that much more dangerous of a weapon, then why are assisted openers legal? They open just as quickly and there is no one trying to outlaw them or complaining that they are too dangerous. Assisted openers were invented with the switchblade laws in mind. They were invented to circumvent those laws while still providing a knife that opens quickly and with one hand. And even with the knife industry basically laughing in the face of the law with the invention of such knives, no one has done anything to outlaw them.

This is because the ban on switchblades is antiquated. It is time for the government to trust its people by allowing them to own and carry a useful tool that makes working with a knife so much easier. It is time to remove a law that does nothing but keep good people from owning something that could one say save their life. And I am not just talking about self defense. Car wrecks or other emergencies sometimes only allow for the use of one hand. It is time to take action.

Write your state senator or congressman and tell them to get on board with this. Do you agree? Do you think I am wrong? I would love to read your feedback!



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