Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SOG Autos: Decent Price and Quality

For those of you who read this blog you know how I feel about quality. I am amazed at how much the quality of an entire brand can start to go down the tubes when they outsource or start trying to save a buck or two by compromising what made them great in the first place.

One brand I feel has been guilty of this in a few cases is SOG Knives. Don't get me wrong, they are still a great knife, but it is so easy to tell the difference between the knives they no longer make in the USA and the ones they do. But one line in particular that it made here and are a great deal for the money are the SOG Automatics.

The SOG Autos are are great size, and they also come in a mini version for those with smaller hands. The TAC Auto, their original, has a somewhat tacky SOG logo across the handle, but once you get over that, the knife is awesome. It has a Japanese AUS8 Steel with a very comfortable grip on its aluminum handle. Take a look:

The blade is super sharp and the auto action is quick and functional. These knives retail for around $200, but you can get them cheaper online. For the money this is a great little auto that will do everything you need.

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