Monday, February 25, 2013

Spyderco Endura - Giving a Classic Its Due

As a knife lover, I always like to look back on the knives I have had over the years. I am always asked what my favorites are and why, and I am always happy to oblige. If you read this blog you know that I have developed a taste for pretty expensive knives. You do get what you pay for. However, I also understand not only that not everyone can afford a $300 Benchmade, but also that you don't want to give up too much quality for a lower price.

Look no further than Spyderco. Founded in 1976 by Sal Glesser, Spyderco actually started as a sharpener company, which is why you will see one of their slogans: "We made things sharp before we made sharp things." They played a huge role in starting many ideas that are now knife mainstays, like the pocket clip, serrations, and their signature opening hole. And while most of their knives are no longer made in the US, they still have a very high quality for an import. Of these knives, my favorite has go to be the Spyderco Endura.

The Endura is a larger version of the Delica. I like my knives to have a weight and heft. They feel better in my hand and for some seem easier to hold on to, and are definitely harder to lose. This is why I choose the Endura over its little brother.

The Endura was introduced in 1990, and Spyderco is now in its fourth generation on this knife. The current version has better ergonomics, slip resistant jimping, and a larger thumb hole. It is made with VG10 or ZDP-189 steel and comes with handles in stainless steel and FRN, and you can get the blade with a standard or a flat grind. Of course, they sell it with or without serrations, which they call a Spyderedge.

For a retail price ranging from $95 to $145 depending on the steel and options, this knife is an affordable option that does not skimp out on quality. With a great grip, easy open and good steel, this knife is one of my favorites that won't break the bank.

Have you ever owned a Spyderco? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I have 3 spyderco's. The endura with emerson wave, the Centofante 3, and the tenacious. I like them all but I think I like the endura best so far.