Friday, May 10, 2013

A Knife For Mother's Day

Hello all! I return to you today with a gift idea for Mother's Day that most people don't think about! Now seeing as this is a knife blog you probably know I am going to say to get her a knife, and you are right, but not just any knife, a Kershaw Chive.

This knife is one of Kershaw's top of the line assisted openers and is a the perfect size for a female hand. My wife carries a knife, and more than more self defense! She loves having something sharp available to cut through packaging, paper, or whatever she needs. She also likes to have something to threaten me with! Kidding!

Most pocket knives don't really fit most girl's color schemes, but Kershaw has that covered as well! Besides their plain stainless handle, they also have a pink handle, and a titanium coated rainbow model! Check them out!

The 1600PINK has an anodized aluminum handle and a 420HC Steel blade. It retails for around $50, but you can get them for under $40.

The 1600VIB also has a 420HC blade, along with a 410 Stainless handle. Both the blade and the handle have been treated with rainbow titanium-oxide coating. This one retails for around $72, but you can usually find it for around $65 or less.

So, now you know what mom would love to have in her purse next time she is walking alone, or needs to open a box. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Mother's Day!



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